I regularly teach and facilitate in the UK and internationally.  Most recently I have facilitated workshops at RADA and Rose Bruford.  In Spring 2021 I will facilitate workshops online for The Orpheus Project (Babel Theatre), an outreach project funded by Rich Mix working with vulnerable young men in Tower Hamlets; lead facilitation on Galapagos (David Glass Ensemble/support from LIMF), an international project on climate change for children; and teach Bouffon in-person at East 15 to the physical theatre course students there.  


Over the course of the pandemic I have negotiated my practice to varying degrees, working within institutions under difficult conditions.  Teaching ensemble and embodied practices rooted in my Lecoq training and inspired by my work with David Glass and various other practitioners including Daisuke Yoshimoto, Matej Matejka and Joyce Henderson, I have found socially-distanced and masked teaching to be an interesting, difficult, but not unovercome-able, obstacle. It is a testament to the creative life of my students and the faculty staff in various arts institutions where I have worked that come what may, we will breathe together, we will move together, we will find the connection, and the show must go on.