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HOLD / FALLING (Director) is a brand new collaboration between Created a Monster and artist Kyll Thomas Cole. 


Originally a short film made in support of the black lives matter movement at the start of the first lockdown - HOLD /

 FALLING is about Kill, a young man who wakes up in Dead Yard and passes through the nine nights when his soul is allowed to roam, stay at home or wander to exact revenge on those that have mistreated him before passing on. 

The piece takes as its starting point the internal life and struggle of a young black man growing up and trying to maintain mental stability in a council estate in South London, an inherently racist yet highly mobile world. 

His struggles from the past, his worries about the future and his questions about his present are played out in the space of Dead Yard.

New partners for the project include The Tramshed and Bloomsbury Festival.

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